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The therapeutic relationship is vital when embarking on a journey of vulnerable self-exploration. My process involves assisting you in locating your wisdom, and helping you generate a life full of meaning and acceptance. Whether Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, or Prolonged Exposure, I will work in conjunction with you to discover which direction of treatment will help move you towards growth, healing, a life worth living. 


I have worked with many couples through the process of reconnection and fostering joy, especially when faced with the inevitable pains of life. Through an experiential style, I take an active approach to exposing interactive patterns as they occur in the therapy space, and helping promote a new form of acceptance towards painful emotions occuring in real time. Through this process, I help you and your partner move towards wounds triggered within the relationship, and identify new ways of relating to love, joy, and fulfillment. Within this therapeutic partnership, I compassionately foster togetherness in moving away from protective based behaviors, and towards openness and vulnerability. This exposure based style of treatment allows your relationship to re-ignite an emotionally healthy and thriving union once again.


When developing a family system, each individual brings their own histories to the interpersonal table. I have extensive experience working with families in distress, When engaging in family therapy with me, my approach asks for an openness exploring the inner self, and identifying new ways of behaving when faced with difficult emotions. I take the firm belief that no one person “is the problem,” rather as a family you ‘share a collective concern’. This means each person is asked to willingly and compassionately go within, and work in collaboration to discover what will help your family move towards true fulfillment.


My goal is to help you create an environment filled with acceptance, compassion, validation, and deep understanding. Through this process, I make a significant effort to foster a balance between acceptance, and a gentle pushing towards achievable change.


Whether you are active duty, a veteran, or a military family, I provide military sensitive therapy. My approach comes with an understanding of the unique elements that make up military service, culture, and sacrifice. Though the greatest honor, duty can come with a number of challenges - including deployment from family, loss of comrades, moral injury, combat, and difficulty with re-integration back to civilian life. Sometimes individuals prefer to receive therapy services through the civilian sector as a means to protect privacy. I have worked with many members of the armed forces throughout my clinical career.