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Tamara is among the most effective clinicians I have had the privilege of mentoring. Her compassionate yet direct way of being present to those with whom she works is grounded in her ability to discern the dance of acceptance and change. Her passion for learning and growing as a person and professional is inspiring. Tamara displays an unrelenting commitment to openess and acceptance of her own history. As a result, she has nurtured an ability to be genuinely and authentically responsive to the experiences of those with whom she works. She willingly remains present to the pain of those with whom she sits, while not shying away from doing what is called for - even when doing so evokes distress. As she, herself, has learned, only as we keep present to our pain do we learn new ways of responding - that we are more likely to open up the futures we aspire to create for ourselves and our loved ones.

Paul E. Holmes, PsyD

 University of Chicago Professor

Emotion Management Program Founder


If I were seeking a therapist for someone I love, I would not hesitate to send them to Tamara Sharifov, LCSW. When I first witnessed Tamaras’ clinical work, I was immediately impressed with her ability to approach client care with compassion and with scientific rigor. Dialectical Behavior Therapy and exposure-based treatments are complex and require years to competently conduct. Tamara has dedicated time to learning DBT, and implements the treatment with fidelity. She treats highly dysregulated, often suicidal and self-harming clients who frequently have multiple traumas in their lives. She approaches each client with validation and empathy. She also utilizes consultation effectively to ensure she is providing treatment as outlined and, also, to ensure her consultation support and life are balanced. She acts from the understanding that therapists who don’t treat themselves can’t effectively treat clients.I have seen her work with complex cases that involved multiple family members and agencies. She seeks to ensure her own behavior and clinical decisions are within alignment with her own values and with the ethical standards of our professions.

Shari Manning, PhD - DBT Linehan Board of Certification

Certified Clinician Certified Exposure Therapist 

Former CEO/President of Behavioral Tech & Behavioral Tech Research

In the two years I worked side-by-side with Tamara, I learned more from her about therapy than many professional training I've attended. She is incredibly perceptive to things not being said, and equally as compassionate when those things are brought to light. Tamara has a talent for building strong bonds with her clients and being able to facilitate significant change through the relationship. She is masterful in her ability to help a person confront their inner self and assist them with living effectively within their own values. Tamara is a skilled and passionate therapist.


Ivan Voronin - LCSW


I have witnessed Tamara's compassion and commitment to her therapy. Tamara is diligent about treatment planning. She has a keen eye for subtle factors that affect a given situation, both for her individual clients and in DBT consultation. She ensures that her clinical expertise is appropriate for each client with whom she works.

Jessica Silsby, PsyD

Follow Your Compass Therapy – Founder

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